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Nexiasystems is an organization that has built a portfolio of clients that does the company proud. Building relationships with world-class companies that have stood the test of time. The company is committed to interacting with the world's best creating a body of knowledge that will create differentiators in a world where parity is a constant threat.

Over the years we have developed considerable knowledge and expertise from working with our clients in industries such as Information Technology, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Medical, Healthcare, Insurance and Manufacturing. Following is a list of some of our direct and indirect clients:

Some of our valuable Clients:

- United Nations, New York City
- County Of Los Angeles
- Board Of Elections New York City
- Jacksonville Electric Authority
- US Army Corp Engineers
- Tracking Systems of America, Florida
- Washington DC public schools

- Mitsubishi Motors
- Maruthi Automobiles

Information Technology
- Nationwide Financials
- Ohio Dept. of Public Safety
- Huntington Bank
- Ohio Dept. of Health
- Ohio Dept. of Office of budget and management


"Nexiasystems understands our business processes and has the unique ability to transform our needs into a powerful web solution."

"Your team worked diligently...meeting the schedule challenge and exceeding our expectations on more than one occasion...the resources you brought to bear, both on and offshore, have been sound in their GIS skills and exemplary in their dedication to completing the task on schedule."

“We see Nexiasystems as an important Long Term Strategic Partner with whom we can build a relationship to the benefit of both.”