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GIS and geospatial data What distinguishes GIS from other forms of information systems, such as databases and spreadsheets, is that GIS deals with spatial information. GIS has the capability to relate layers of data for the same points in space, combining, analysing and, finally, mapping out the results.

Spatial information uses location, within a coordinate system, as its reference base. The most common representation of spatial information is a map on which the location of any point could be given using latitude and longitude, or local grid references such as the National Grid.

Nexia's general project methodology concepts includes:
- Needs analysis/planning
- System acquisition and implementation
- Database development
- Application development
- Business process re-engineering
- Organizational structure and staffing
- Pilot projects
- Special consulting projects
- Internal management procedures
- Client/prospect relations and communications
- Document preparation and management procedures and standards
- Proposal preparation and submittal.
- Customized Application Development Wireless locations based services
- Land Surveying & Mapping
- Cartography, Conversion