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Nexia Systems is a global IT consulting, Technology services, and Outsourcing Company. Nexia also takes pleasure in staff augmentation and training Corporate and personnel in various verticals of Information Technology. At Nexia, we strive to deliver excellence with innovation. As this is our starting point, we promise to deliver best value to our clients and employees.

We provide wide array of services to our clients which includes but are not limited to new technologies like GPS, High-resolution satellite imagery, data warehousing, and the Internet) as they have become available, and through vigorous pursuit of new methods, approaches, and capabilities as both GIS and IT have become more integrated, more suited to enterprise wide application, and, of course, ever more capable. Take a look at our Services section to see details on the services provided by us.

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We specialize in

Geographic Information System (GIS)
Weather Forecast (Weather Tracker)
Engineering (CAD/CAM)
Environmental issues
Quality Recruitment
On-site and Off-site IT consulting
Turnkey Project Outsourcing
eBusiness Solutions
Web-design & Web-Hosting