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  GIS Parcel Locator

Nexia's GIS Parcel Locator website that provides access to property ownership, address or street lookup, and subdivision searches. This interactive mapping website is a portal and resource for the government and citizens to research many types of information including (but not limited to) who owns a property, the assessed value of the property, the drawn property boundaries, a street address, aerial imagery for the property, soil types, zoning, utility locations, future road projects, traffic count data, floodplain locations, school locations, topography, and even data from all municipalities.

The search capabilities allow for parcels of land to be located and a user of the website to obtain a property report, zoning report, environmental report, or community report. For example, to determine (based upon location of a parcel of property or address) the county council person represents you, which school district, census tract, precinct and voting location, or which fire district your property is located inside of, choose the Community Report.

Parcel Locator (GIS) provide many services to county departments. Map making and information lookup time has been reduced, data sharing, cooperation between departments and staff has increased, and the production and storage of information has become much more efficient and useful to both government and the citizens served.

Users can search by,
-Based on user-specified search criteria, the GIS Parcel Locator helps users query the County government GIS public access data and then retrieve and display selected parcels and search results.

- parcel ownership
- parcel location
- zoning
- land use
- or several other options.
- The results of the parcel search can be viewed, printed, or exported to other software.

Parcel Locator Features