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At Nexia, we train individuals, software professionals, and various corporations based on their needs. Our training program includes courses on Business System Analysis, J2EE and Java, .Net, Quality Assurance and Testing, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing and Project Management. All our training programs are tutored by highly experienced individuals who are a part of Nexia. We have this specially designed course based on our personal experience which covers not only the industry standards but also the practical approach.

Business / System Analyst
- Introduction to Requirements gathering and specification
- System Analysis, Modeling Requirements through Use Cases and UML 2.0
- Introduction to various Modeling tools (Rational RequisitePro, Rational Rose, Enterprise Architect, MS Visio, MS   Office)

- Object Oriented Concepts
- Introduction to Change Management, Impact Analysis, Gap Analysis and BPE
- Familiarity with various Testing tools (Mercury tools)
- Insight of various Software Development Methodologies with full SDLC
- Logical Data and Process Modeling
- Data Modeling an Analysis (Erwin, SQL Server)
- Project Management Concepts (MS Project)

QA / Testing
- Role of Testing and QA
- Software Life Cycle and Types of Testing
- Risk Management
- Exploratory Testing
- Test Design Techniques
- System Testing
- Test Documentation (Test Plan and Test Cases)
- Bug Isolation and Reporting
- Static Testing
- Metrics
- Process Improvement
- Automated vs Manual Testing
- Training on various Testing tools

Net Training
- Web Application Fundamentals
- Web Server (IIS)
- Static and Dynamic(Active) server pages
- ASP.NET Objects
- Programming Language(VB.NET & C#) fundamentals
- SQL Server fundamentals
- Session, Application and Cache Management
- Configuration and Security
- Client and Server-side Controls (DataGrid, Repeater, GridView(2.0) )
- Debugging, Tracing, Logging and Error Handling
- ADO.NET (DataSet, DataReader etc.)
- Web Services and Remoting
- ASP.NET Page Life cycle and HTTP Pipeline
- ASP.NET 2.0 / VS.NET 2005 and SQL 2005 Introduction

Business Intelligence
- Introduction to Data Warehousing and Databases
- Reporting
- Query and Analysis
- Performance Management
- Data Integration
- Business Intelligence Tools (Business Objects, Informatica)