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  Transporation Management

Nexiasystems's Transportation Management Systems systems combine GPS satellite navigation and terrestrial communications technologies to enable public transit authorities and fleet operators to better track, manage and dispatch their vehicles..

At a moment's notice, a dispatcher can pinpoint the location of a specific vehicle and respond to an emergency situation, send a repair crew or notify passengers of a delay. The end result:a behind-the-scenes management capability that provides better service for the public and reduces burdens on municipal budgets.

Our TMS systems help public transit authorities improve municipal transportation efficiency and emergency response performance. These fully-integrated, real-time information systems are designed for use in fixed-route buses, paratransit vehicles, maintenance and supervisory vehicles, light rail systems and trolleys. They feature mobile communications, GPS-based automatic vehicle location (AVL), computer-aided dispatching (CAD) and two-way messaging.

Real-time information for travelers
-On-board voice announcements and digital signs advise passengers of   next stops
- Arrival/departure signs and voice annunciators at bus stops or rail
  platforms provide travelers with accurate, up-to-the-minute schedule   information
- Interactive kiosks integrate real-time transit information with personal   trip planning capabilities
- Personal pagers allow travelers to check transit schedules without   having to go to a specific location
- The Internet provides travelers with continuous access to real-time   transit information about all routes
- Dial-in telephone service relays predicted arrival times rather than pre   scheduled information

Transportation solutions

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